concert, exhibition, lecture

The adudiovisual concert, interactive installation and presentation of the Ressi / Benes duo

game over is a series of explorative musical video game environments which can be either played live on stage by a performer or presented as interactive installations. In this performance, a clarinet player navigates an avatar through extensive complex 2D game worlds with the help of a motion sensor on his/her instrument. Since almost every &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>
10.20 18:00
Három Holló
concert, discussion, exhibition

Christoph Herndler: Notational Graphics

the artist will be present, and discuss his work with Nikolaus Gerszewski the ensemble FOCC will perform his music
10.21 19:00

Hermina Alkotócsoport: Relative Space

God only knows where this will go… In the foreground we see a playground with a miniature train, an acoustic camera, and a hand sanitizer. In the middle there is a cage, in which something might be switched on and played with – if anyone chooses to build it. A separate battlefield for the frenzy. Self-reflective images of the space in the form of photograms.
06.01 19:00
Artus - Kapcsolótér

Graphic Score

The graphic scores of invited contemporary composers and artists in this exhibition seem to be closer to graphics than to sheet music - and to fine art as to music.