Artus - Kapcsolótér
1116 Budapest, Sztregova utca 7.

Hermina Alkotócsoport: Relative Space

The exhibition can be visited from 7 May 2021 to 8 June 2021.


Virtual opening:

The exhibition can be visited by prior appointment from 7 May 2021 to 8 June 2021.
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Email: artus.studio@gmail.com
Telefon: +3670 330 0708

God only knows where this will go… In the foreground we see a playground with a miniature train, an acoustic camera, and a hand sanitizer. In the middle there is a cage, in which something might be switched on and played with – if anyone chooses to build it. A separate battlefield for the frenzy. Self-reflective images of the space in the form of photograms. There is a huge textile with some grotesque figures in our field of vision – we hope it does not block the view. Another kind of screening, it is three-dimensional and ethereal – the window opening video installation, never exhibited before. Space expansion in unreasonably tight places, beaded on a labyrinth, marked with duct tape. Diatoms in vacuum. All is sealed by the ceiling. Imagined spaces on the walls, paintings, both black and riotously multicolored – a preference for spatial vision. A few incomprehensible videos. Fluid, elusive works, we do not know which side they are buttered on, but they are undoubtedly original. Probably the whole exhibition will be postponed anyway.

The exhibition presents the works of the Hermina Alkotócsoport, a group of contemporary Hungarian artists and composers. They all aim to leave behind the traditional boundaries of their respective genres to portray the interconnectedness of music and visuality and to invite the visitor to play.


  • antalaci
  • János Bali
  • Bálint Bolcsó
  • Ádám Csábi
  • Samu Gryllus
  • Csanád Kedves
  • Krisztián Kertész
  • Áron Lakatos
  • Krisztina Megyeri
  • Eszter Nádas
  • Zsófia Nagy
  • Anna Peternák
  • Zsigmond Peternák
  • Hanna Tillmann
  • Máté Szigeti