Online workshop

Kiskomp by Soharóza at Transparent Sound Festival

Online workshop

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We will reap all the benefits that Zoom can provide for collective composition and improvisation. The seasoned singers of Soharóza, who have vast experience in leading workshops and musical game-sessions, now present us in a virtual space how we can collectively compose melodies, fabricate instrumental accompaniments (the instrument in question can be two spoons, a recorder, or our palms), deconstruct folk songs, juggle musical tones, and in general, how we can create a playground out of music.

Soharóza is an experimental choir, formed in 2008 by choir-conductor Dóra Halas. The Kiskomp (‘Little Ferry’) creative workshop was created in 2018 to involve children. The creative methodology is based on the tried-and-tested collective compositional techniques developed by Soharóza.

The Kiskomp online workshop is led by: Sarolta Eörsi, Zsófia Remes,  Borbála Tamási





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Because of our wonderful partners and organizers, we are lucky enough to bring you all of our events in January for free! Likewise, you are lucky enough to be the owner of a screen which gives you access to this online space, where we are working during the pandemic. The current global situation makes the lives of those who are already struggling, even harder. That is why we are asking you to kindly send the money that you would normally spend on tickets for our events, instead to an organization working with people in need.


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