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Le Grand Cahier

Two nine-year-old twins are the protagonists of “the Notebook”. Because of the ongoing war, their mother decides to leave them in the countryside at her mother’s house, hoping that there, the boys will not starve. Instead, their grandmother mistreats and exploits them mercilessly.

In order to protect themselves, the twins conceive exercises to harden themselves physically and psychologically, about which they take notes in a large notebook. They develop their own moral concepts, models and instructions.

In her powerful book, Agota Kristof illustrates the effects of war on civilian populations through the lens of a perverted childhood. She writes about uprooting and loneliness, violence and cruelty.

“LE GRAND CAHIER” is a music-theater work based on the book “le grand Cahier” by Agota Kristof.


Supporters: NKA, Pro Helvetia, EMMI


  • Irina Ungureanu - performer
  • Vera Kardos - performer
  • Bíró Kriszta - performer
  • János Mazura - sound recording
  • Astride Schlaefli - director