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55/66 To the Memory of James Joyce

Gyula Csapó composer’s evening

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Gyula Csapó is a composer, a representative Hungarian artist, an eminent figure of his generation. The distinctive and characteristic tone of his music provides a breath of fresh air in the concert halls of the world. The composer currently resides and works in Hungary, following a long Canadian stay. There are not many ensembles who would undertake the unfolding of his densely woven and detailed musical material that requires a sophisticated performance.
During the evening, the audience can encounter compositions that were written in the last 20 years and are rarely performed in Hungary, with the exception of the legendary 1977 ‘Kézfogás lövés után’ (Handshake after shot).
Csapó, Metrum, CEU – God works in mysterious ways -that lead to this special asterism.
The title of the evening refers to artistic playfulness: Gyula Csapó was born in 1955 and will be 66 years old in 2021.
The subtitle evokes the dedication of the closing piece of the evening, the emblematic Tundragobelin.
As the Csapó composer’s evening is filled with special features, it is a long-awaited, unique event of the music scene.


Supported by: NKA


  • Gyula Csapó: Handshake after Shot (1977)
  • Gyula Csapó: “À la recherche…” (2011)
  • Gyula Csapó: Senile-Cheerful Hummingsong (2021) Premiere
  • Gyula Csapó: Scene Sequence – Hommage à Jean-Luc Godard Premiere
  • Gyula Csapó: Tundragobelin (2002)


  • Metrum Ensemble
  • Milan Pala - violin
  • Zsuzsanna Takáts - piano
  • Eszter Agárdi - cello
  • Anna Rákóczy - flute
  • László Demeter - keyboards, percussion
  • Kornél Fekete-Kovács - trumpet
  • Ferenc Magyar - trumpet
  • Kata Pintér - oboe
  • Lajos Rozmán - clarinet, artistic director